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Noticeable Titans: Jerry "Rev" Harris, #10 (2nd row from top, 5th from right); Petey Jones, #40 (1st row from bottom, 5 from left); Gerry Bertier, #42 (3rd row from bottom, 5th from right); Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass, #12 (4th row from bottom, 4th from right).


  • "Blue" Stanton's jersey number was 76 in the movie--in fact, his real number was 80.  A visitor to our site actually asked two of the T.C. Williams Titans from 1971 (Tom Lewis #55 and Jerry Buck #64) and they confirmed this.

  • Gerry Bertier did actually play in the final game (in the movie his car accident occurred before that), his unfortunate car accident happened at a banquet dinner, after the final game.

  • At Gettysburg College, after going for a run early in the morning, Coach Boone says that over 50,000 soldiers lost their lives in the Battle of Gettysburg. Actually, there were 51,000 "casualties" which includes killed, wounded and missing/captured. An estimated 7500 died at the battle of Gettysburg.

  • Gerry wasn't actually kissed by "Sunshine."

  • Gerry's girlfriend wasn't actually named Emma Hoyt.

If you'd like to visit a great site and see tons of cool photos of the actual team, visit :


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