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Now listen up, cause I'm gonna tell you how much...FUN you're gonna have this season.--Coach Boone

Actor Site Index + Your Pictures + Your Stories + News + Bloopers

This is a FUN page for Remember the Titans...there's no particular theme for this page...just a place where you can send in things you've created about Remember the Titans--picture collages, stories, news, and links for each of the actors.

  • Send in your stuff!  This is a brand new page of the site and it's all created by Remember the Titans fans, so contribute to the page by clicking here (attach your files to an email).

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  • There aren't a lot of Remember the Titans websites out there, but there are tons of sites dedicated to the actors who starred in them.  Unfortunately, it would take YEARS to catalog these, so help me out by sending in some of the sites that you've discovered to the Actor Site Index.

~Actor Site Index~


  • Denzel Washington

The Denzel Washington Page

Denzel Washington Photo Gallery

  • Will Patton

  • Wood Harris

  • Ryan Hurst

Unofficial Ryan Hurst Site

  • Kip Pardue

Kip Online : Your Online Source to Kip Pardue

Fans of Kip || The Kip Pardue Fanlisting

Kip Pardue Online

  • Ryan Gosling

(Ohhh) Ryan... Gosling

Emily's Ryan Gosling Page

  • Donald Adeosun Faison

  • Craig Kirkwood

  • Hayden Panettiere


~Your Pictures~


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~Your Stories~

Here, by request of one of my guestbook signers, Shawn, is the Titan chant.

Everywhere we go (Everywhere we go)
People want to know (People want to know)
Who we are (Who we are)
So we tell them (So we tell them)
We are the Titans (We are the Titans)
Mighty, mighty Titans (Mighty, mighty Titans)
Everywhere we go (Everywhere we go)

...keeps on repeating...


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Send in any news you've heard about Remember the Titans or the actors in it here!



  • After a fumble in one of the games, the tackler picks up the ball and runs it in for a touchdown...running the same direction the offense was running, thus scoring a touchdown for the opposing team.

  • "Blue" Stanton's jersey number was actually 80; in the movie, his number is 76.

  • When Petey Jones goes for the fumble his knee touches the ground after he picks up the ball.  This is illegal in football.

  • When Coach Boone comes back from winning the game and he puts his daughter on his shoulders to cheer about who is going to win state all of his neighbors come out to congratulate him.  The blooper is when the camera goes to the fourth house, the man and woman are sitting out their window and behind them is a brick wall.  This should be the wall of the inside of their house so the fact that it is a brick wall is a blooper because it doesn't make sense.

  • Gerry Bertier did actually play in the final game (in the movie his car accident occurred before that), his unfortunate car accident happened at a banquet dinner, after the final game.

  • At Gettysburg College, after going for a run early in the morning, Coach Boone says that over 50,000 soldiers lost their lives in the Battle of Gettysburg. Actually, there were 51,000 "casualties" which includes killed, wounded and missing/captured. An estimated 7500 died at the battle of Gettysburg.

  • Gerry wasn't actually kissed by "Sunshine."

  • Gerry's girlfriend wasn't actually named Emma Hoyt.

Send in bloopers and mistakes you've found here!



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